Sewer Line Clogs: Here Are Your Options

Heavier cables may be hard to get through the bends in the trap under the tub and could damage the drain pipe. Regardless of the type, all drain snakes use cables with special ends for snagging or cutting through the source of the clog. Spin the long flexible toilet snake wire into the drain to snag the clog and pull it out. Kid has a problem flushing too much toilet paper down? A great vacuum cleaner is essential, but present it with ground-in dirt, dried-up stains or a persistent odour and there’s only so much it can do. If you tried chemicals and they didn’t work, run as much water into the toilet as possible and let it sit overnight to drain through the clog. If the stoppage is close to the machine, such as in the trap or standpipe, you can use a small standard snake and run it down the standpipe and through the trap. A drain for a standard shower (not a tub/shower combo), usually has a 2-inch drain going straight down into a trap below the shower base. If you find nothing in the trap or pop-up area, then the stoppage is farther down the line and can be snaked from under the sink.

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My toilet will flush and water will fill it, and anything liquid will flush but nothing solid. Be sure to buy a new wax ring and new mounting bolts to reseal the toilet base to the mounting ring. Kitchen drains may include a clean-out on an outside wall (in warm climates only) or inside the sink base cabinet or in the basement or crawlspace area underneath the kitchen. However, if other drains in your home are plugged, or if water comes up through them, the problem is probably farther down in the main drain pipes, often out of easy reach. Drains frequently get clogged up, especially drains in bathrooms or kitchen sinks. It’s also a great way to find the robot if, by odd chance, it does get stuck. Most importantly, we didn’t find any major complaints during our test period, unlike each of the big-hitting alternatives. Plumbers are expensive, but they can put your bathroom back in service fast, even if there’s a major blockage. Tubs and tub/shower combos are snaked through the overflow drain of the tub.

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You may need to remove the tub stopper to access the cross-hairs. To clear a clogged tub, first, check to make sure that there is no collection of hair stuck in the cross-hairs of the tub drain. Otherwise, for a sink drain, remove the drain stopper or the P-trap; for a tub drain, remove the overflow assembly; for a washing machine drain, remove the washer drain hose from the drain standpipe. While this is bigger than a tub drain, it’s still a good idea to use a standard snake with a 1/4- or 5/16-inch cable, so the cable goes through easily. Or, you can spin a special closet auger through the drain, if plunging doesn’t dislodge the clog. If the clog resists all your efforts, you’ll probably have to pull up the toilet. It is not safe to use any other type of snake in a toilet. A standard 25- or 50-foot drain snake should do the trick.

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Most sink clogs can be cleared with a standard 25- or 50-foot drain snake, while toilet clogs are a cinch if you have a toilet auger. The mop ships with a handful of each type of pad and the included pads are disposable. In standard mode, the mop will repeat the cleaning process on a detected dirty spot up to 3 times. And you might like to know that we’ve got tons more advice on cleaning up after dogs and cleaning up after cats – and if you like a regular cleaning fix, don’t miss our cleaning hub page for clever hacks, tips and the best buys. Jeff’s a go-to guy for all carpet cleaning and stains and he had some excellent advice for naturally cleaning outdoor rugs. “It will last about 45 minutes which was more than clean our 3 story home in one charge,” writes one, while another says they “Have a 3200 square foot house with hardwood on main floor and carpet up. This is calculated by the average time it takes to clean your home and is done to reduce the total cleaning time of the mop, if it happens to need a recharge to finish cleaning the house.

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